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 “Why do we have to listen to our hearts?" the boy asked.
  "Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.” ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
Whispers of The Heart

When is the last time you experienced deep joy, the aliveness of life coursing through you or the beauty within peace? 

Most of us spend years, if not lifetimes, trying to better our lives at a very superficial level from the outside in. As a result, instead of truly growing we keep spinning around in circles and wondering why our life does not work or feels like a roughly patched solution at best.

Our Universe is expanding every moment, every day. When we expand with it, we naturally tap into the profusion of WellBeing that is the hallmark of the Universe. 

Aria’s Circle of Wellbeing is for those who are ready to rapidly transform their life at the deepest level. It is for those who rather than reading about it, talking about it or even understanding it at an intellectual level, are ready to experience life unfettered. 

It is for those who are committed to not only experiencing deeper wellbeing in their lives, but redefining it from the inside out and as a natural progression, expanding the quality of their life and for those around them. 

Aria’s Circle of Wellbeing is a journey rather than a trip. A trip is predictable, a journey is not; it is filled with awe, and with discovery. What makes you want to go on a journey is to want to express more of life and the aliveness that comes when you are aligned and in harmony with yourself and the Universe. 

Know that your life matters, know that you matter, and know that you are deeply loved. 

Your breathtakingly beautiful journey awaits…
​Much Love, 



"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My daughter who I have not talked to for over 15 years called me out of the blue! I have not cried so much in years…since then we have talked twice on the phone already, and we are making plans to see each other soon. I can’t wait to meet my granddaughter and of course, for my next session with you! Lol!! You are an angel sent from heaven."  Beatrice H. , UK 

"Everyone, do yourself a favor and sign up with sessions with Aria – it may be one of the wiser decisions of your life! It certainly has been for me." Stacy F. NY, NY

"I feel a sense of peace that is beyond anything I have ever thought of feeling..I had given up on the hope that I could ever remotely feel this profound bliss given my track record…lol!!I know how we joke about my immense resistance to your work early on, but I recognize with perfect hindsight that I wish I had not waited so long to work with you. "  -- Pam S, Houston TX (Platinum Immersion coaching client)