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Our Gift to Visitors
Here are audios as gifts to you! You may click on them for automatic streaming or right-click on them to download them to your computer or smartphone
1. Aria was interviewed on Local Houston Live 

An eye-opening conversation with Joseph Zenner on Wellbeing and how to transform the quality of your life at your deepest levels. Includes practical, simple steps to include in your daily living to enhance your wellbeing and culminates in a powerful inner meditative journey. A conversation not to be missed. 1 hr 40 min 

Aria - Journey into WellBeing

2. Aria converses on Physical WellBeing on Local Houston Live

Aria speaks with us about the physics of health and how common sense as it pertains to our physical health is not so common after all. An edifying conversation on how our physical bodies are evolving during these transformational times. 40 min